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Main 2023 Road Collection

  • faster-3-drystar-riding-shoes
    from $246.95 CAD

    Featuring new performance innovations adapted from decades of R&D experience in the highest level of motorsports, the Faster-3 Shoe is lightwei...

  • J-6 Waterproof Shoe
    J-6 Waterproof Shoe
    from $272.95 CAD

    A riding shoe that looks like a sneaker, the J-6 Waterproof Shoe has all the safety features of a motorcycle boot. Constructed from a luxurious and...

  • Megawatt Gloves
    Megawatt Gloves
    from $77.95 CAD

    A durable off-road glove that features a hard-knuckle protector, the Megawatt Glove is perfect for motocross or enduro riding. Packed with reinforc...

  • Sektor Waterproof Shoes
    Sektor Waterproof Shoes
    from $207.95 CAD

    Constructed from a lightweight microfiber main chassis and incorporating medial and lateral protection, as well as a reinforced toe-box, the Sektor...

  • SMX-6 V2 Boots
    SMX-6 V2 Boots
    from $389.95 CAD

    A track and street performance riding boot which incorporates a newly designed upper for flexibility, the SMX-6 V2 is superbly anatomically profile...

  • Womens Banshee Leggings
    Womens Banshee Leggings
    from $259.95 CAD

    Optimized for women riders, the Banshee Leggings offer a figure-hugging fit thanks to an anatomical stretch fabric main shell, as well as incorpora...