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Touring Gift Guide

  • AMT-10R Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup>XF Jacket
    AMT-10R Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup>XF Jacket
    $1,169.95 CAD

    The multi-season AMT-10R Drystar®XF Jacket has been engineered to deliver optimal protection, weather performance and comfort in extreme adventure ...

  • Monteira Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup>XF Jacket
    Monteira Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup>XF Jacket
    from $649.95 CAD

    The Monteira Drystar®XF Jacket has been engineered to ensure that adventure touring riders travel fully protected and in optimal comfort in all cli...

  • Halo Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup> Jacket
    Halo Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup> Jacket
    from $499.95 CAD

    A multi-season adventure touring jacket with an innovative technical outer jacket, the Halo Drystar® Jacket can be adapted to the weather condition...

  • Venture XT Jacket
    Venture XT Jacket
    from $349.95 CAD

    A lightweight, dual sport adventure touring jacket ready for everyday adventure on and off road, the Venture XT Water-Resistant Jacket is equipped ...

  • Tech-Air<sup>&reg;</sup> 3 System
    Tech-Air<sup>&reg;</sup> 3 System
    $749.95 CAD

    Alpinestars’ lightest autonomous Airbag System, Tech-Air® 3 is designed to be worn over or under the motorcycle jacket, as the effective and practi...

  • Stella Tech-Air<sup>&reg;</sup> 3 System
    Stella Tech-Air<sup>&reg;</sup> 3 System
    $749.95 CAD

    Alpinestars’ lightest autonomous Airbag System, Stella Tech-Air® 3 is designed to be worn over or under the motorcycle jacket, as the effective and...

  • RT-8 GORE-TEX Boots
    RT-8 GORE-TEX Boots
    $480.95 CAD

    The RT-8 GORE-TEX Boot is a protective touring boot engineered for superior comfort on and off the bike. Using a new sole constriction derived from...

  • Toucan Gore-Tex Boots
    from $649.95 CAD

    A technical and durable touring boot brimming with intelligent design features, the Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots are ideally suited to long da...

  • Stella Andes V2 Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup> Boots
    Stella Andes V2 Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup> Boots
    $259.95 CAD

    The Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar® Boots for women are the classic archetypes of the long haul motorcycle touring boot. Its chassis is made up of re...

  • Andes V3 Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup> Glove
    Andes V3 Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup> Glove
    from $181.95 CAD

    The mid-season Andes v3 Drystar® Glove offers effective all-weather performance and has a goat leather and textile construction for superior abrasi...

  • Halo Leather Gloves
    Halo Leather Gloves
    from $119.95 CAD

    A short cuff glove designed and optimized for pure adventure riding, the Halo Leather Glove has a perforated construction for maximum airflow and b...

  • Charger Pro Backpack
    $219.95 CAD

    The aerodynamically-shaped, semi-rigid Charger Pro Backpack is built to excel at carrying bulky items over big distances in total comfort, thanks t...

  • Charger Backpack
    $155.95 CAD

    Incorporating a host of innovative features designed to offer unparalleled levels of riding comfort and performance, this technical 18-liter backp...

  • City Hunter Backpack
    City Hunter Backpack
    from $155.95 CAD

    Aerodynamically profiled the City Hunter Tech Backpack features an innovative advanced load carrying system and ergonomic shoulder straps designed ...

  • Neck Warmer
    Neck Warmer
    from $25.95 CAD

    A double layered, fleeced neck warmer providing wind protection for the neck, this clever accessory is constructed from stretch and moisture-wickin...

  • Contours Necktube
    $32.95 CAD

    A lightweight neck tube designed to be worn in summer and spring. The thin material will keep out wind chills while the ‘silky’ feeling offers high...

  • Ageless Curve Hat
    Ageless Curve Hat
    from $33.74 CAD

    Curvebill shape, flex back Twill fabric Front 3D embroidered logo Internal and back labeling

  • Ageless Delta Hat
    Ageless Delta Hat
    $38.95 CAD

    Performance-wicking curved bill with structured crown Welded seams, stitchless crown, bonded inner construction Moisture-wicking stretch fabric, an...

  • Ageless Crew Fleece
    Ageless Crew Fleece
    $77.95 CAD

    • Crew Fleece• Fleece body• Front Alpinestars embroidered chest logo• Rib cuffs and hem• Internal main label and external label branding

  • Ageless II Zip Hoodie
    Ageless II Zip Hoodie
    Save 15%