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Auto Gloves

  • Tech-1 ZX V2 Gloves
    Tech-1 ZX V2 Gloves
    $272.95 CAD

    This premium racing glove features inside seams on the thumb and outside seams on the other four fingers for optimum levels of comfort and feel; th...

  • Tech-1 ZX Gloves
    Tech-1 ZX Gloves
    $259.95 CAD

    Complying fully with FIA homologation standards, the premium auto racing glove Tech 1-ZX incorporates a range of groundbreaking material and constr...

  • Tech-1 ZX V3 Gloves
    Tech-1 ZX V3 Gloves
    $229.95 CAD

    Alpinestars is always looking for new ways to improve driver safety and increase protection. The new generation of auto gloves provides nearly a 20...

  • Tech M Glove
    Tech M Glove
    Original Price $220.95 CAD
    Current Price $127.46 CAD

    Designed and developed in the World Endurance Championship, the FIA homologated pit-crew Tech-M Glove is constructed from flame-resistant aramidic ...

  • Tech-1 Z Gloves
    Tech-1 Z Gloves
    $194.95 CAD

    The Tech 1-Z Glove features a range of design and material innovations resulting in an ergonomically evolved chassis which offers a significant wei...

  • Tech-1 Race V2 Gloves
    Tech-1 Race V2 Gloves
    $175.95 CAD

    The Tech-1 Race v2 glove has been designed to offer exceptional levels of feel, comfort and performance and features inside seams on all five finge...

  • Tech-1 Race V3 Gloves
    Tech-1 Race V3 Gloves
    $159.95 CAD

    Offering increased levels of protection from the previous generation, the new Tech-1 Race v3 Glove has many features and benefits of a higher price...

  • Tech-1 Race Gloves
    $155.95 CAD

    Certified to FIA homologation standards, the aggressively styled Alpinestars Tech 1 Race Glove features minimal seam construction, optimized levels...

  • Tech-1 Start V2 Gloves
    Tech-1 Start V2 Gloves
    $129.95 CAD

    The Tech-1 Start v2 Glove features inside seams on all five fingers for superb levels of comfort, fit and feel, with the fingers constructed withou...

  • Tempest V2 Waterproof Gloves
    Tempest V2 Waterproof Gloves
    $129.95 CAD

    The Tempest V2 Waterproof Glove is a versatile, wet weather glove featuring a three-layer construction for proven waterproof performance and a full...

  • Tech-1 Start V3 Gloves
    Tech-1 Start V3 Gloves
    $119.95 CAD

    Designed with a single upper panel and innovative finger construction, the Tech-1 Start v3 Gloves have been engineered to reduce the excess materia...

  • Tempest V2 Youth Waterproof Gloves
    Tempest V2 Youth Waterproof Gloves
    $116.95 CAD

    Anatomically engineered for a performance fit for smaller hands, the Tempest v2 Waterproof S Glove is a versatile, wet weather glove featuring a th...

  • Tech-1 Start Gloves
    Tech-1 Start Gloves
    $110.95 CAD

    With a significant weight-saving thanks to new material construction technology, the extremely lightweight and comfortable Tech 1 Start Glove featu...

  • Engine Gloves
    Engine Gloves
    $51.95 CAD

    The Engine Glove is a hybrid multi-material glove which offer high levels of comfort and protection. Soft, lightweight and flexible, the glove has...