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Road Packs & Bags

  • Komodo Travel Bag
    Komodo Travel Bag
    from $329.95 CAD

    The Komodo travel bag swallows up gear into specific, functional compartments. Wet/Dry separation and all the bells and whistles necessary to effic...

  • Goanna Bag
    Goanna Bag
    from $142.95 CAD

    MX Duffle bag made of Polyester and tarpaulin for a better resistance against off-road terrain. Made to store all the MX gear easily.

  • Boot Bag
    Boot Bag
    from $80.54 CAD

    Designed to fit Alpinestars Motocross boots, this boot bag features hard-wearing tarpaulin on its base, not only for strength, but also for easy cl...