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Touring Textile Jackets

  • Altamira Gore-Tex Jacket
    Altamira Gore-Tex Jacket
    from $1,039.95 CAD

    A high performance technical touring jacket designed for travelers and commuters, the Altamira GORE-TEX Jacket utilizes a GORE-TEX laminated membra...

  • Stella ST-7 2L Gore-Tex Jacket
    Stella ST-7 2L Gore-Tex Jacket
    $999.95 CAD

    The all-season, light-adventure road-touring ST-7 2L GORE-TEX Jacket is available in a women’s Stella version. Designed for riders looking for all ...

  • ST-7 2L Gore-Tex Jacket
    ST-7 2L Gore-Tex Jacket
    $999.95 CAD

    Designed for riders looking for the premium benefits of the GORE-TEX laminated construction, and Alpinestars engineered ergonomic mobility, the ST-...

  • Monteira Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup> XF Jacket
    Monteira Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup> XF Jacket
    from $649.95 CAD

    The Monteira Drystar®XF Jacket has been engineered to ensure that adventure touring riders travel fully protected and in optimal comfort in all cli...

  • Halo Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup> Jacket
    Halo Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup> Jacket
    from $623.95 CAD

    A multi-season adventure touring jacket with an innovative technical outer jacket, the Halo Drystar® Jacket can be adapted to the weather condition...

  • Hyde XT Drystar<sup>&reg;</Sup>XF Jacket
    Hyde XT Drystar<sup>&reg;</Sup>XF Jacket
    $579.95 CAD

    The Hyde XT Drystar®XF Jacket is engineered for heavy off-road and/or dual sport side of the adventure touring category. Featuring an extremely lig...

  • Ardent 3In1 Adventure Touring Jacket
    Ardent 3In1 Adventure Touring Jacket
    $579.95 CAD

    The Ardent 3in1 Jacket features a relaxed and fully adjustable fit, specifically tailored to the US adventure touring riders when it comes to adven...

  • Bogota Pro Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup> Jacket
    Bogota Pro Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup> Jacket
    from $519.95 CAD

    The all-season Bogotá Pro Drystar® Jacket has been engineered to deliver optimal protection, weather performance and comfort, and utilizes Alpinest...

  • Stella Andes V3 Drystar Jacket
    Stella Andes V3 Drystar Jacket
    $399.95 CAD

    The Andes V3 Jacket is anatomically engineered for an optimized women’s fit and its exclusive Alpinestars Drystar® construction ensures 100% waterp...

  • Andes V3 Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup> Jacket
    Andes V3 Drystar<sup>&reg;</sup> Jacket
    from $389.95 CAD

    Designed using Alpinestars exclusive Drystar® construction, the Andes v3 Drystar® Jacket offers 100% waterproofing and high levels of breathability...

  • Venture XT Jacket
    Venture XT Jacket
    from $349.95 CAD

    A lightweight, dual sport adventure touring jacket ready for everyday adventure on and off road, the Venture XT Water-Resistant Jacket is equipped ...

  • Session Race Jacket
    Session Race Jacket
    from $194.95 CAD

    A softshell jacket that acts as a windbreaker with a polar fleece liner for excellent thermal capabilities, the Session Jacket is optimized for com...