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Limited Edition Ember Tech 10 Boot

$899.95 CAD

UGC 2010020-3034-9
CUP 8059347301419
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• Reduced Weight:- The Tech 10 is lighter, a result of Alpinestars technicians studying all the boot components and their connections – how the boot comes together. A re-design of every single one of those components has been undertaken to reduce volume and weight.New material composites have been created that are lighter in weight and more durable to ensure they hold up to the rigors of off-road riding. The new, cold-forged, aluminum buckles are a result with an easier to operate, more durable and self-aligning closure that offer a positive hold across the upper surfaces of the boot.The result has yielded over 400 grams (almost 1lb) in weight reduction for the new Tech 10.
• Reduced Material Volume - The design also reduces the Tech 10’s profile and physical size. It is more streamlined with newer, lighter, more durable composite materials and a more integrated approach to the construction of the components which dynamically enhance the chassis of the boot and utilize more advanced bonding processes.Unparalleled flex control
• A breakthrough innovation for the Tech 10 is the introduction of Alpinestars patented Frontal Flex Frame.
• Combining with the dual front and rear blade connectors, the Frontal Flex Frame gives the Tech 10 a complete and seamless flexion control system, from the foot shell all the way up to the shin plate, offering high-performance double motion control, preventing over-compression and hyper-extension, featuring: - Engineered frontal flexion control offered by a dual-density TPU connector system, uniting the lower buckle plate with the upper blade connector, buckle and shin protector. Engineered to ‘float’ freely between the lower and upper boot construction, the Frontal Flex Frame acts as a shock absorber by distributing energy across the boot frame while controlling forward and rearward flex, progressively releasing force which dampens and absorbs impact energies.
• Asymmetrical, dual pivot arms on boot frame.
• A unique feature of the Tech 10 is the ankle control system developed in the outer shell construction, allowing natural ankle movement, vertical compression control and improved impact protection.- Asymmetrical medial and lateral double pivot system for improved levels of flexibility and precision for both independent and synchronized movement. The medial pivot arm’s higher placement reduces material volume in the lower part of the boot, creating more space for the patented inner ankle brace system to have free movement and improve control. Reducing the volume on the inner side also reduces abrasion, where the boot is in contact with the bike and improves grip and feel.- Redesigned dual density TPU rear blade system engineered to prevent hyperextension while offering improved flex control and impact resistance.
• New inner ankle brace
• One the Tech 10’s defining features is the redesigned biomechanical inner ankle brace. Patented technology which features: - Lighter, anatomically redesigned medial and lateral torsion arms which are compact and offer an increased range of movement and control. In conjunction with the outer boot chassis, the ankle brace gives vertical and lateral protection from ankle and leg compression and rotation and progressive damping of torsional forces during an accident, while still allowing natural freedom of movement. - Double pivot system allows the Tech 10 to retain its integrity while flexing which removes the need for alternative torsion bars for varying ankle widths and crucially gives the essential progressive resistance to rotational and vertical forces which, otherwise, are so damaging to ankles, knees, upper legs and pelvis if not arrested in a controlled way. - New low-profile, pull-on design for reduce material build, less weight and to facilitate easier and quicker wearing.- Innovative flexion inserts work seamlessly with new Tech 10’s flex support system for ultimate in performance.- TPU protection and shock absorbing padding on the heel and ankles and an ultra-thin and flexible forefoot area for increased sensitivity and control. - Dual compound removable anatomic footbed includes EVA for comfort and support and aids even weight distribution.
• Anatomical shin and calf-plates
• The Tech 10 design is slimmer and more streamlined with a contoured calf protector ergonomically wrapping around the rear leg. Constructed from a dual density compound and combined with the rear blade system, protection is enhanced with progressive dampening of excessive torsional forces. The energy dissipating shin plate features a new anatomic design for reduced surface area and weight-saving.
• Unique sole integration
• Completely re-designed sole with proprietary grip sculpturing to improve foot-peg performance, grip and mud and water run-off. Exclusive dual compound sole is seamlessly integrated to the multi-density foot base structure with built-in support. The sole offers superior durability, grip and feel while riding and improved performance on the shifter. The central sole insert features micro grip and side hooking grip design. It is easily replaceable and Alpinestars offers a full sole replacement and boot repair service.
• Buckle closure system
• Anatomically optimized re-designed for weight-saving and ergonomics, the new triple buckle closure system features a nylon and fiberglass compound for improved durability and strength. New slim-line buckles include high-impact bridge closures which are cold forged for precision and strength. The closure system features contra-closure, doubling closure security and a quick release/locking system with self-aligning, memory, design for easy, precise closure and improved riding performance and security. All buckles are easily replaceable.

The Tech 10 has set the standard for Motocross boot performance and protection for well over a decade now, with an ongoing focus on product development and innovation that continues to raise the performance envelope higher and higher. Here at Alpinestars, we believe in perfection through innovation; while maintaining the iconic Tech 10 look, the latest iteration of the boot works tirelessly to offer a rider the ultimate in feel, comfort, and overall safety, lifting the ceiling of what a premium motocross boot should be higher than ever before.

The Tech 10’s ongoing development has been guided by three key priorities, as the Alpinestars technical footwear team looked to improve overall functionality, performance, and safety, decrease weight, and reduce material volume on the boot. Maximizing these priorities is the key achievement of the latest Tech 10 and the result is a far greater range of movement and flexibility, while offering better control over the flexion and torsion forces that significantly improve boot performance, giving the rider greater confidence and protection.

The comfort of a Tech 10 boot is legendary and a key feature in making the boot a go-to option for riders taking on all kinds of riding conditions, so maintaining comfort while upgrading boot performance was vital all throughout the development phase. The most significant upgrades to the current Tech 10 are a host of unique technologies: the Frontal Flexion Control Frame, the Asymmetrical Dual-pivot Arms, and the patented Dynamic Heel Compression Protection Shock Absorber which is integrated into a redesigned foot shell which features a slimmer, more streamlined, outsole.

• DCHP – unique heel protection innovation
• Built into the Tech 10’s unique and lightweight single-piece co-injected foot chassis is the patented Dynamic Heel Compression Protector (DHCP), an innovative safety feature that includes a fully integrated collapsible heel area with expanded poly-foam to absorb high impact energies during a crash. DCHP features a directional impact protection system that significantly reduces the effect of excessive, potentially injury-causing, energy being transferred to the ankle and lower leg. DHCP has been used by Alpinestars athletes in the demanding environments of professional Supercross and Motocross.
• The Tech 10 boot is CE certified.

• Innovative, lightweight upper construction.
• The Tech 10 chassis combines advanced lightweight microfiber and impact and abrasion-resistant TPU shell.
• Foot shell features five different compounds in a single lightweight piece to offer strength while maintaining flexibility and structural integrity. Foot shell incorporates heel and toe protection that is highly resistant to abrasion and impact and adds to the boot’s overall durability. Foot shell also includes integrated shank for support and structural integrity.
• Frontal protection features a dual closure system with an internal microfiber flap, plus hook and loop fasteners for a precise fit closure beneath the buckle giving greater, micro-adjustable, precision which is convenient to operate. Soft microfiber gaiter helps seal out excessive water and dirt entry.
• Poly-fabric lining with 3D open cell foam incorporates anti-slip suede in heel area, keeping the foot located inside the boot.


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