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United states

Dakoda Osusky

Dakoda Osusky, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin had a passion for skateboarding and was filming video parts over the course of 10 years until he decided to buy a mountain bike to rehab an ankle injury. He began riding and building jumps with his dad as they both pushed themselves while building new features at their local spot that he quickly found himself devoting all of his time into mountain biking. Growing up skating in contests and pushing himself to learn new things had its similarities with mountain biking all while being able to enjoy the sessions with his Pops. Fast forward 3 years he took his first trip to Virgin, Utah to tap into the Freeride side of Mountain biking. He then left his career of doing HVAC in AZ and now resides in southern Utah to continuously push himself with hopes of riding in events someday.

Hometown: Utah, CA