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2020 Auto Collection

  • Sequence Youth Neck Roll
    Sequence Youth Neck Roll
    $64.95 CAD

    Designed and developed specifically for younger riders and drivers, the Sequence Youth Neck Roll is intended to limit muscular injuries caused by e...

  • Youth Neck Support
    Youth Neck Support
    $169.95 CAD

    Specially designed for youth or smaller framed rider the Youth Neck Support functions when the helmet and support frame provide an alternative load...

  • SP V2 Shoes
    SP V2 Shoes
    $233.95 CAD

    The SP Shoe is SFI homologated with an evolved design which includes: Alpinestars’ newly developed asymmetric lacing system for supportive closure ...

  • Radar Shoes
    Radar Shoes
    $389.95 CAD

    Fully FIA homologated, the Radar Shoe has been specifically designed and developed for professional pit-crews, with a reinforced heel and toe box, ...

  • Race V2 Long Sleeve Top
    Race V2 Long Sleeve Top
    from $157.90 CAD

    Lightweight and offering high breathability and flame-resistance properties, the Race V2 Series Formula 1 specification tech base layer incorporate...

  • Kart Cover
    Kart Cover
    $139.95 CAD

    Alpinestars’ Kart Cover protects your kart from getting covered in dirt or dust while in the paddock and keeps it dry when it rains. The structured...

  • GP Tech V3 Suit
    GP Tech V3 Suit
    $2,079.95 CAD

    The GP Tech v3 features an outer shell twill material developed exclusively for Alpinestars which is combined with an innovative aramidic base knit...

  • Flow V2 Helmet Bag
    $123.95 CAD

    The Flow V2 Helmet Bag is made from a lightweight Polyester shell with a plush fleece lining and accommodates any full Face Helmet and HANS device....

  • Knoxville V2 Suit
    Knoxville V2 Suit
    $584.95 CAD

    The Knoxville v2 Suit suit has a three-layer construction with a strong fire-resistant cotton twill and Feltro padding for optimum levels of driver...

  • Tempest V2 Waterproof Gloves
    Tempest V2 Waterproof Gloves
    $129.95 CAD

    The Tempest V2 Waterproof Glove is a versatile, wet weather glove featuring a three-layer construction for proven waterproof performance and a full...

  • Tempest V2 Youth Waterproof Gloves
    Tempest V2 Youth Waterproof Gloves
    $116.95 CAD

    Anatomically engineered for a performance fit for smaller hands, the Tempest v2 Waterproof S Glove is a versatile, wet weather glove featuring a th...

  • Race V4 Socks
    Race V4 Socks
    $64.95 CAD

    Alpinestars Race v4 Socks are lightweight, durable and ergonomically designed to meet the demands of the world’s top drivers. Certified to FIA homo...

  • 2023 Supermono V2 Shoes
    $499.95 CAD

    This model has been designed and engineered to give drivers the ultimate performance fit and feel. The Supermono v2 is an ultra-lightweight racing ...

  • ZX V4 Socks
    ZX V4 Socks
    $69.95 CAD

    The ZX V4 socks use seamless technology with an updated pattern to create fewer pressure points making them more comfortable for wearing throughout...

  • Tech-1 Race V3 Gloves
    Tech-1 Race V3 Gloves
    $159.95 CAD

    Offering increased levels of protection from the previous generation, the new Tech-1 Race v3 Glove has many features and benefits of a higher price...

  • Tech-1 ZX V3 Gloves
    Tech-1 ZX V3 Gloves
    $229.95 CAD

    Alpinestars is always looking for new ways to improve driver safety and increase protection. The new generation of auto gloves provides nearly a 20...

  • Tech-1 Start V3 Gloves
    Tech-1 Start V3 Gloves
    $119.95 CAD

    Designed with a single upper panel and innovative finger construction, the Tech-1 Start v3 Gloves have been engineered to reduce the excess materia...